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Aunt Jackies Grapeseed

Aunt Jackies Grapeseed Twist & Curl Setting Mousse - 8.5 Oz

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The Aunt Jackie's Grapeseed Frizz Patrol Mousse is your first aid for frizzy, poofy hair that just won't stay in shape. The Patrol Mousse gives your curls definition again and ensures that they are beautifully smooth and shiny. The mousse is formulated with Grape Seed Oil, Tamanu & Jojoba oils to lock in moisture in your curls and soften your hair. The mousse is suitable for all hair types and all hair textures. Aunt Jackies focuses on creating solutions that solve your biggest hair problems in no time. With their formula, they use natural oils, butters, moisturisers and conditioners. These ingredients all come from Mother Nature and thanks to these ingredients your hair is optimally nourished, which results in beautiful healthy and silky hair. The products are sulfates and parabens free + in addition, the products are eco-friendly.


• Helps with frizzy, poofy hair

• Gives you its definition

• For all hair textures

• Formulated with grape seed oil

Instructions for use of the Patrol Mousse

 Step 1: You can use the mousse daily or as needed, on wet or dry hair.

 Step 2: Apply the mousse generously from the roots to the tips of your hair and style as desired.

Result after using the mousse

After applying you will notice that your hair feels healthier and that it is easier to style.

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