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Bigen Mens Beard Dyes

Bigen Men’s Beard Colour B105- Medium Brown

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Bigen Men's Beard Colour Medium Brown B105 contains no ammonia and is specially enriched with Aloe Extract & Olive Oil, easy to apply to any part of the beard with the Fast-Touch Comb. Bigen Men's Beard Colour leaves no stains, perfectly covers grey without staining your skin.

Bigen Men's Beard Colour range provides tones that will help to match the natural facial hair colour with an easy to use comb provided to give an even finishing result.

With three colours available in the range, Bigen provides colours suitable to your personal preference.

Instruction for use

Step 1: Squeeze out equal parts Cream Colourant and Cream Developer into the Mixing Tray, and mix until a cohesive mixture is formed.

Start by applying under the chin because this area is the most difficult area.

Step 2: Apply to the rest of the beard, you can use the flat section of the brush for the sideburns.

Step 3: Wait 10 mins.

Step 4: Rinse with lukewarm water and shampoo well.

Alternative Products Policy

If this product is out of stock a closely matching alternative product will be provided for the same cost. If no alternative can be found or if a lesser-value alternative is provided, we will issue a discount voucher code for the equivalent amount or a refund to the original payment card.