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Lusters Pink

Lusters Pink Sheen Spray - 15.5Oz

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Lusters Pink Sheen Spray - 15.5Oz

Pink sheen spray by Luster comes with an effective formula that enhances the manageability and defeats the frizz. The spray is very effective to reduce your frizz and it comes with natural ingredients that enhance the shine and volumizes your hair. The pink sheen spray is suitable for all hair types and you can use it on a regular basis.

Key Features:

• Comes with a lightweight formula

• Formulated with wheat germ oils and mink that hydrates and repairs damage

• Get shiny, silky and soft hair every time

• Ideal for all hair types


How to use

· Spray Luster's Pink Sheen Spray on your hair  

· Comb your hair for even distribution  

· Set your hair as desired   

Alternative Products Policy

If this product is out of stock a closely matching alternative product will be provided for the same cost. If no alternative can be found or if a lesser-value alternative is provided, we will issue a discount voucher code for the equivalent amount or a refund to the original payment card.